Text by: BABG

The use of IP access and IoT integration has become a necessity for realization of smart buildings. In terms of hardware, most users usually need at least two different controller devices to meet their needs for management and control of unitary and terminal devices. This is not a small investment for the users, and reducing the cost of investment is a difficult problem for them.

LOYTEC's new LIOB-585 I/O Controller demonstrates innovative advantages for building automation, maximizing synergy from integration of different systems and creating potential savings on energy as well as operational efficiencies. LIOB-585 is a multiplex controller combining IP architecture and building management. It supports multiple communication protocols and seamlessly integrates wired or wireless building control systems, greatly reducing requirements for the equipment on the control and management layers in the system architecture.

In addition, the compact LIOB-585 goes beyond simple HVAC application, allowing for control of lighting and even acceptance of types of access control hardware for custom applications. Through the Internet of Things interface, you can connect to enterprise systems for scheduling, energy use and management, weather services, or other IoT devices such as projectors and audio-visual systems. Without additional equipment, you can directly use IP networks to connect the control system for the rooms or areas.

The powerful features of the LIOB-585 I/O controller are recognized by the US-based 2018 Control Trends Awards and honored with the award "Building Automation Plant/Equipment Controller of the Year". It is also unanimously expected that this product will achieve new success after the LOYTEC touch panel L-VIS was well-sold in North America.

LIOB-585 supports multiple communication protocols, combining multiplex capabilities and reducing construction costs.