Text by: BABG

Equipped with 12 sensing devices, Delta Controls O3 Sensor Hub is designed to offer a better user experience. Compared with wall-mounted sensors, the ceiling-installed O3 can more realistically sense the real feeling of the resident with a 3D concept of space and detect the temperature, sound, light levels, light color, etc. to enable a more accurate detection on human, establish monitoring on illumination, or even interact with the users.

Users can download mobile apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and these intuitively designed apps allow users to interact directly with their space. O3's multi-color LED light ring and speaker enable instant feedback and interaction with the user. When the user makes a change to the space situated in, he/she can know from the light ring that the command has been received and the system has also been operating automatically.

The O3 is also an integrated hub that connects to the system via Wi-Fi, EnOcean and Bluetooth wireless, allowing complete integration of everything in the space ranging from curtains, access control to projectors and TVs. The user simply presses the application and the meeting room automatically switches to presentation mode. The O3 system can dim the lights, pull down the curtains, open the projection screen, and monitor the number of people present to provide a perfectly ventilated environment, truly offering users a brand-new experience.

O3 entered the finalist list in the Innovation Awards held by AHR  in 2019, making it apparent that its multi-functional sensing has been appraised by the judges. It features algorithmic calculation and vocalization ability that correspond to the trend of building control with user experience first and deeply attract attention in the market.

Delta Controls O3 sensor offers more user-friendly detection on the environment.