Delta has been focused on issues of climate change for a long time. It is also committed to energy-saving and carbon emission reduction as its corporate social responsibility. Sponsored by Delta Electronics Foundation, “Water with Life”, the first 8K SHV environmental documentary in Taiwan has premiered on Japan NHK channel on March 31st. In collaboration with the National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS), Delta Electronics Foundation invited NMNS volunteers and honored guests to experience the lifelike effect of 8K projection technology at the 3D theater of NMNS together.

Delta Display Solutions have been widely adopted in transportation, security monitoring, large-scale exhibition and performance, sports venues, etc. in Taiwan. It is recently announced that Delta will assist Taiwan’s High Speed Rail (THSR) in building a new generation of passenger information system. In this issue of “Special Report”, we introduce a Delta innovative application service for THSR passengers using large LED display and frameless LCD screen with low power consumption and high resolution. In “Internet Intelligence”, we have technology sharing from Wujiang System Integration Department. By Delta’s Equipment Network Integration (ENI) solutions combined with the manufacturing management platform, production data, equipment operation data and quality management data can be visualized to assist enterprises’ decision-making.

Delta has accumulated nearly 50 years’ of core competence in power electronics. Its products are widely used in industrial equipment, data center, telecom power supply, renewable energy and other fields. We also pay close attention to market demands and develops new applications. In this issue’s “Brand People”, we have interviewed PSBG General Manager Jimmy Yiin, asking him to share with us the strategic direction of PSBG, as well as the experience from over 25 years’ career in Delta.

Delta continuously aims for two mega trends in smart manufacturing and building automation and we will present advanced product technologies at this year’s Hannover Messe in Germany, TIMTOS in Taiwan and ACREX in India. A new green data center and data laboratory for Bytesnet in the Netherlands has adopted Delta’s modular UPS and data center information management system. To promote Delta’s Employer Brand and attract talents to join the team, the HR Department has continued to invest in the operation of social media in recent years and been awarded “Transformation Award” by LinkedIn for two consecutive years. More contents are available in this issue’s “Brand Circle”.

In “Delta Green Life”, we will introduce United State Green Building Council (USGBC)’s use of “Energy Benchmarking Policy”, which requests large buildings to disclose energy consumption information to help the government set more adequate energy efficiency standards. In the aspect of “Low-carbon LOHAS”, our colleagues will share with you how to create a plastic reducing environment in the daily life so as to leave a clean and beautiful land to the next generations. You will definitely enjoy the contents covered in this issue!


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