Building brand value on a solid foundation
Mr. Jimmy Yiin, General Manage of PSBG

Text by: Brand Management Office

Delta has rich experience in the field of power management solutions, including a variety of embedded power supply and external power supply, providing products for the field of information, network, commerce, industry, medical power supply and aerospace; Delta pays close attention to market demand and continues to develop new applications. In this issue, we have a special interview with Mr. Jimmy Yiin, General Manager of PSBG, to share with our readers the blueprint of Delta Power Business Group, as well as the experience from serving in Delta for more than 25 years.
Developing business opportunities in power supply with the core technology by pursuing innovation and change
"PSBG was established at the beginning of last year. It is mainly composed of Embedded Power Supply Business Group (EPSBG) and Mobile Power Supply Business Group (MPBG)." Mr. Yiin talked about the organization that he had just taken over for less than three months, with expectation in affirmation: "PSBG has 10 business units, which can obtain benefits and business opportunities from various market demands; including CNBU
(Computer & Networking Power Business Unit) and CDBU (Custom Design Power Business Unit) that are responsible for the server , storage , network communication, and data center; DCBU (Direct Current Power Business Unitand) and ADC LOB (Aerospace Line of Business) for precision DC power module; PCBU (Personal Computer Power Business Unit) and NBBU (Notebook Adapter Business Unit) for PC, Notebook , workstation and consumer power ; ABPU for electrical equipment power ; IT LOB  (Industrial Line of Business) for power supply and control of Power tool; UPS LOB (Uninterruptible power supply)  for single-phase continuous power; and consumer electronic brand Innergie for Delta B2C business."。

Before taking over PSBG, Mr. Yiin served as Vice-Chairman of Delta Greentech (China) Co., Ltd. and was responsible for the market development and business promotion of Industrial Automation (IA) in China. In this interview, we can feel that he is ready to apply these valuable experiences to his new position: "Product planning must be ‘outside in’, meet the market demand clearly, so that business promotion results can be multiplied with half the effort." Delta Greentech (China) Co., Ltd.” is rich in resources and has a huge organization, so “work flow" is very important in order to enable Region and BU to work closely and communicate clearly and directly, said Mr. Yiin .Taking Delta NPI (New Product Introduction) process as an example, from competition analysis, target industry, market positioning, application requirements, product planning, technical roadmap, product design, design verification, to Go-To-Market (GTM), members and tasks that need to be involved in each stage are defined and audited in details. In order to speed up the development of markets outside the IT field, Mr. Yiin went back to BG last year and began to explain the specific practices of NPI internally, believing that it will be of great help in developing new markets and new applications.

As for the future business plan of PSBG, Mr. Yiin believes that technological leadership, lean organization, operational efficiency, innovation and change are important elements to lead the team forward and continue to grow. Delta has accumulated core technologies in the field of power and electronics for nearly 50 years. Its products are widely used in industrial equipments , data center, communication power supply, renewable energy and others . How to ensure core advantages and create more value through cross-sectoral cooperation is an important task. In terms of organization, Mr. Yiin said that the integration of BU, factory end and regions will be strengthened in the future, and only by making information transparent and synchronized can we keep up with the fast changing environment, grasp market opportunities and respond to customers' needs immediately. In addition, as far as innovation is concerned, besides existing products, we also begin to pay attention to all kinds of related applications of electrification and digitization. At present, the team is actively integrating the solutions of power, battery management, controller and motor drive, which will be applied to new industries in the future, such as smart home, unmanned aerial vehicle, electric vehicle and even agricultural machinery.

Mr. Jimmy Yiin (left) and Delta executives took a photo at the Shanghai Industrial Expo Media Exchange.
Expanding market share via multi-layouts
Mr. Yiin, who has many years of sales experience, also shares with us the business development strategies and opportunities in various regions: "PSBG's business mainly distributes across the United States, Japan, Taiwan and China. In recent years, we have also sought new business opportunities in Southeast Asia and Europe." With the vigorous development of IT industry in the United States, whether in cloud computing and personal clients devices , power efficiency and power density continue to increase, which is the main driving force for the growth of PSBG revenue; Japan mainly focuses on the game console market, with the development of next generation video game consoles , hardware with high speed computing needs more stable power supply; Delta has operated in cross-strait markets for many years, not only has it provided high-quality services for brand customers and EMS, but also performed well in power systems in new areas such as UAV, surveillance system and industrial automation in the past two years; on the other hand, it has continued to expand the Southeast Asian and European markets. The current products of integrated power supply and controller have also been more recognized by European customers, so the follow-up development potential deserves attention.
From the perspective of Segment, the demand for power products of Date Center has a growing trend. Mr. Yiin then added, "Take the United States electricity statistics in 2016 as an example, data center power consumption accounts for 6% of the total electricity consumption in the United States." With the popularity of smart phones and Internet multimedia, the more data stored, the greater the power consumption in Data Center. In view of this, PSBG and ICTBG have more close cooperation in business development or technology development, so as to bring into full play the overall and comprehensive effect through a two-pronged strategy. At the same time, in the field of electric motorcycles, PSBG and IABG work together to provide overall solutions for driving, control and power.
Focusing on quality and improving brand influence

In terms of brand management, Mr. Yiin also shared his views with us: "PSBG is currently divided into two parts: B2B and B2C; B2B is still dominated by ODM and OEM customers, while B2C is mainly Innergie." In terms of ODM and OEM models, Delta brand has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. Maintaining product competitive advantage and providing stable quality is the most effective weapon to enhance brand value. In terms of B2C, Mr. Yiin thinks the technology of Innergie's product has been perfected. Last year, it also won Gold Award for Best Product of Best Choice. Brand promotion needs to be closely integrated with sales model so as to spread brand influence through channel development. He also mentioned that with the introduction and popularization of USB Type C, the fast charging technology of handheld devices is no longer a high threshold. Continuous enhancement of product differences with competitors and continuous improvement of Innergie's brand benefit will be the goal of the team's continuous efforts.

Enterprise delegation of the Manufacturing Summit Forum visited Delta, with a group photo taken with Mr. Jimmy Yiin (left 6th) and Mr. Zhihong Zhou (left 4th), spokesman for Delta.

Sticking to dreams and driving future development with self-experience
Mr. Yiin has been with Delta for 25 years , holding positions in purchasing, director of materials department , general manager of Delta Electronics (Jiangsu) Ltd.,  vice-chairman of Delta Greentech (China) Co., Ltd. and others. He also shared with us his experience and thoughts from the whole journey: "No matter for an individual or an organization, it is necessary to keep ahead through continuous learning; for an individual, continuous learning and accumulation of experience, grasping opportunities in career life, is the only way to improve oneself; for organizations, in the face of rapidly changing environment, only by constantly learning and exploring to create new markets with technology can they keep ahead all the way." He also encouraged his colleagues to have the courage to dream, because great inventions often stem from inadvertent imagination.

"No matter which position you are in, the only way to success is working smart , observing carefully, dedicating with heart, keeping promise and accomplishing mission.” At the end of the interview, Mr. Yiin encouraged his Delta colleagues with this remark.