Delta’s IoT Solutions unveiled at Hannover Messe 2019

Text by: Brand Management Office

Delta is demonstrating its enhanced spectrum of solutions for the digitalization, visualization and integration of smart manufacturing at Hannover Messe 2019 from 4/1~5. An impressive 220-inch video wall at Delta’s booth features the newly-launched Digital Factory Monitoring Solution, which integrates a series of software platforms developed by Delta to determine in real-time the status of manufacturing processes, equipment and energy consumption.  The new DIAStudio integrated engineering software enables an all-in-one platform to select models, program and set up PLCs, HMIs, drives and more, allowing for effective and time-efficient machinery systems development.  Delta’s new CODESYS-based Motion Control Solution, matched with a Delta SCARA robot, will also be a highlight of our showcase.

To foster the smart manufacturing megatrend, Delta is launching its new Digital Factory Monitoring Solution, an IIoT-based platform in which various Delta software systems converge to facilitate a 360-degree monitoring view of manufacturing and factory operations, such as production equipment data collection (DIAMMP Manufacturing Management Platform), factory facility operation (DIAView SCADA system) and overall factory energy consumption (DIAEnergie).  Visitors at Delta’s exhibition booth will witness the cutting-edge automation, digitalization and visualization qualities of the Digital Factory Monitoring Solution in a 220-inch video wall. 

Delta also exhibits solutions for building automation, surveillance, smart lighting, and infrastructure. For smart building, Delta - together with its subsidiaries LOYTEC and VIVOTEK - is also showing its latest smart building management solutions. These range from surveillance systems to 3D people counting systems, smart LED lighting and control solutions for third party HVAC and sunblind systems. For infrastructure, Delta shows its complete smart charging infrastructure solutions ranging from renewable power generation, Power Conditioning Systems (PCS), Battery Energy Storage Systems to EV charging solutions. The PCS100 is available for outdoor applications and is an ideal fit for peak-shaving and load shifting planning in EV charging stations.

Delta’s Industrial Automation Solutions for digitalized, visualized and integrated smart manufacturing unveiled at Hannover Messe 2019.