Delta showcases total solutions for packaging industry in Sino-Pack 2019

Text by: DGC

Delta exhibits various total solutions for the packaging industry in the 26th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack 2019), including horizontal flow wrapper solutions, filling machinery solutions, palletizing solutions, professional cartoning solutions, etc., assisting the packaging industry in moving towards a high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency intelligent direction.

Highlights of Delta’s exhibits include:
Filling machinery solutions: Uses Delta’s PLC-Based multi-axis motion controller DVP50MC series as master controller, and built-in electronic cam for precise positioning and synchronous control such as following, stacking and filling, meeting the application requirements in the food packaging industry and so on.

Palletizing solutions: Uses PC-Based structure, eliminating the problem of repetitive teaching; scenario guidance design allows process compiling to be faster and more convenient.

Delta’s fully automated cartoning solutions: Uses Delta’s Machine Vision + SCARA industrial robot, replacing former photoelectric positioning, and reducing manual operation.

DIACloud platform: Users can monitor the equipment’s operations and alarm information at real-time anywhere through mobile APP or website, facilitating remote maintenance, guidance and troubleshooting.

Delta’s suspending SCARA industrial robot DRS60H series: Robotic products have higher load capacity, high repeatability and precision, and can efficiently utilize installation space to achieve optimal layout and save space.

Delta showcases total solutions for the packaging industry in Sino-Pack Guangzhou 2019.