Delta Ako Energy Park receives LEED CI Gold Certification

Text by: BABG

Delta Building Automation Solutions has created a human-centric multifunction green building in Delta Ako Energy Park, Japan. Using the IoT building control and management platform provided by Delta’s subsidiary LOYTEC, it not only offers people a comfortable and safe working environment, but also improves building operation efficiency. The building also achieves average energy savings of up to 33.8%, having received LEED CI Gold Certification with full marks on energy items. The new green building fully demonstrates the capabilities of Delta's smart building solutions.

To meet the building’s requirement for an energy saving and humanized design, it adopts the LOYTEC IP-based platform, which supports a variety of communication protocols and integrates multiple subsystems, including a building management and control system, LED smart lighting, electric vehicle charging, indoor air quality solutions, smart meters, energy storage systems, and solar power systems. The systems connect to each other on this single management platform and operate per actual needs to achieve benefits such as reducing energy use and operation costs, improving energy management and monitoring efficiency, and reducing environmental impact.

Besides comfortable lighting, air conditioning is also a key to enhancing user comfort. Delta’s UNO Indoor Environment Quality Service Solution integrates IoT and cloud technologies with sensors and modulating air conditioning equipment. Through the LOYTEC Automation Server, the real-time temperature, humidity, PM2.5, CO2, LUX, TVOC and other indoor environment data collected by UNO sense can be display on the L-VIS Touch Panel. Based on the dynamic indoor and outdoor environment and people’s behavior, an optimal balance control strategy for indoor environmental quality/comfort/energy savings can be achieved.

The park’s multi-function building is Delta's first LEED certified green building in Japan.