LOYTEC LIOB-585 controller debuts at 2019 ACREX

Text by: BABG

Delta participated in the ACREX India 2019 exhibition held in Mumbai, India from February 28th to March 2nd. The expo focused on building automation and indoor air quality. Delta presented two outstanding building management brands for the first time, LOYTEC and Delta Controls, to provide users with a full range of building solutions.

Mr. Vaibhav Bagu, Sales Director of the Building Automation Solutions Business Unit of Delta India, mentioned that “The HVAC&R market in India will rapidly soar beyond US$7.5 billion in the next five years, and the open integration platform will be one of the future, winning advantages of building automation manufacturers. The integrated application of constructing cross-object, cross-regional or cross-system will be a prerequisite."

Delta's building automation solutions include upper management software, controllers, sensors, and green building consulting services. Whether it is Delta Controls’ full BACnet building management system or a LOYTEC building management system with an IoT integration architecture, Delta helps developers by providing dual-brand BA services, build up an open building management system with horizontal cross-architecture and vertical cross-systems based on demand. The platform supports various communication protocols such as BACnet, LON, Modbus, and others, integrates HVAC, lighting, security and other building subsystems, and uses centralized monitoring and decentralized control mechanisms to maximize the synergy of heterogeneous system integration, and ultimately creates the best energy saving and equipment operation results.

The highlight of the expo was the first appearance of the LIOB-585 controller in India. The LIOB-585 controller with multi-protocol support can bridge between various protocols, and the IoT features enhance the LIOB-585 controller's flexibility, finding application for air conditioning equipment, all types of lighting controls, and integrating access to control hardware devices.
Mr. Vaibhav Bagu (2nd from left), Sales Director of the Building Automation Solutions Business Unit of Delta India, introduced Delta's smart building solutions to the ISHRAE members at ACREX India 2019 exhibition.