Delta micro module helps the bank build provincial branch data center

Text by: DGC

To ensure the safe and stable operation of the core functions of the data centers of each branch of the bank in the province, recently, Shanxi Province branch of a large state-owned bank has finally selected Delta Smart Series Micromodule Data Center to conduct unified upgrading and reconstruction of its 24 branches in the province, after the planning and model selection of the data center products, overall evaluation of the products and services, and a series of product argumentation, scheme design and manufacturer inspection.

In this bank project, 24 sets of Delta Smart Series Micromodule Data Center solutions were adopted for unified planning and deployment of subordinate branches. The Smart Series is designed for industry users' rapid deployment of stable, reliable and small data rooms with no more than 10 cabinets that cover 50 m2 and smaller area; the capacity from 3KVA to 22KVA can be configured on demand; power supply, distribution, monitoring system, cabinet system and refrigeration system are integrated, making it flexible and easy to build, intelligent and easy to manage. It provides perfect room solutions with high cost-effectiveness and high availability for small data room users.

At the time of installation of Smart Series, clients only need to prepare the power line and data cable, then the series can be quickly installed and ready to run. The Smart Series also supports the possibility of on-demand expansion in response to the possible expansion needs of the bank data center in the future. The three big software functions that it provides, namely power management, user management and environment monitoring, can address users’ requirements of reliable monitoring and intelligent management.

Delta Smart Series Micromodule Data Center Solution.