Delta five-axis horizontal articulated robot helps improve shoemaking efficiency

Text by: DGC

In recent years, with the aggravation of labor shortage, “machines replace persons” has become the commoner trend of traditional enterprises. For the traditional manufacturing industry of shoemaking with complicated craftsmanship, such a demand is increasingly urgent. Take the shoemaking industry as an example. As people have higher requirements for quality, automatic production will provide more scientific and efficient technical guarantee for the shoemaking industry. In the production of a shoemaking company, Delta SCARA industrial robot was applied to the process of spraying chemical solution on shoe surface significantly improves the quality and efficiency of the products, thus greatly increasing the competitiveness of the said shoemaking company.

In this application, the client required that the spraying accuracy should reach ±0.5 mm, accommodating to different types of shoes and distinguishing left and right feet, and automatically correcting the relationship between robot and visual coordinates. Therefore, the four-axis robot seems slightly inadequate; it takes the freedom of one more axis to carry out non-plane gluing and tin soldering, etc., but six-axis freedom is not necessary. Through Delta’s integration of standard four-axis horizontal articulated robot with the fifth axis expansion module, multi-angle application can be achieved, and when position correction function is combined, rapid line changing can be done, thus improving the overall project operation.

The advantage of Delta five-axis horizontal articulated robot solution is reflected mainly in its realization of integrated system control. Through the integration of SCARA robot and five-axis module, control is conducted directly with Delta robot controller ASDA-MS series, which saves the operating time and expenses of self-integrating system. Meanwhile, with SCARA robot and five-axis module, simple and flexible multi-angle application can be achieved, thus saving equipment space and additional purchase costs.

Delta five-axis horizontal articulated robot.