IoT-based Smart Green Solutions
Delta Corporate Campaign communicates integrated IoT solutions

Text by: Brand Management Office

Since announcing its organization restructuring in 2016, Delta has transformed itself from a supplier of components and systems into a provider of holistic solutions in three major fields: “Power Electronics”,“Automation”,  and“Infrastructure.” In response to market demand, Delta has combined two key businesses, automation and infrastructure, based on “Power Electronics”, and has gradually integrated the IoT framework. Consequently, Delta is keeping ahead of the game in terms of technological transformation and road-mapping future markets. 

In light of this development, Brand News Bi-Monthly is introducing our “IoT Smart Solutions” column in 2019, which will cover topics regarding Delta IoT, its energy-related product technologies, and application trends. This issue starts with the “IoT-based Smart Green Solutions” corporate campaign developed with the assistance of the Brand Management Office in 2018, which helps our colleagues better understand Delta’s strategic development and market planning.
“IoT-based Smart Green Solutions” is a corporate campaign developed by the Brand Management Office in 2018. The campaign focuses on the IoT framework, as well as specialization in energy management and efficiency improvement. Delta actively provides system solutions for IoT applications in key businesses such as smart buildings, smart manufacturing, energy infrastructure, and information & communication. The campaign communicates through promotional materials, solution proposals, animated videos, online marketing, visual design, and regional exhibition advertising for Delta’s booth. This helps communicate Delta’s brand value and core technology capabilities externally through a variety of channels.

Initially, the campaign exhibited “smart building solutions” and “micro-grid solutions” that conformed to the IoT framework. This idea was promoted at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018 based on Delta’s hybrid electric vehicle (EV) charging station incorporating shopping and leisure features. With “IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities” as the main theme, the Brand Management Office prepared a proposal for the exposition and combined it with demos and guided tours by the heads of business units, which received much positive feedback. The campaign also helped communicate Delta’s expertise in energy management and efficiency improvement and its achievements in interconnection in key market demand areas such as software and hardware integration, layout automation, and infrastructure.

“IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities” is launched at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018.
Based on application scenarios covered in the proposal, we formulated a series of solution proposals consisting of Delta’s energy storage system, EV charging solutions, and building automation. Apart from emphasizing Delta’s transformation from a supplier of components/products/systems to a provider of holistic solutions, the proposal also communicated that each solution will play an indispensable role in constructing future sustainable cities. 

Energy Storage Systems to Balance Renewable Energy in Cities
This solution proposal describes the combination of Delta’s energy storage system with renewable energy. Its goals are to provide energy supply diversity using green energy with stable output and adjustment on demand, and to build a regional micro-grid that is self-sufficient or that merges with the current power grid, in an effort to achieve smart energy interconnection. In recent years, Delta has been actively developing energy storage systems, such as at the Taiwan Power Research Institute (Shulin Site) and Delta Ako Energy Park, which optimizes the power load dispatch of power grid or renewable energy power stations. Delta also collaborated with Ørsted last year to set up the Energy Storage Research Center at National Changhua University of Education to promote future development through actual applications.

Energy Storage Systems to Balance Renewable Energy in Cities - Delta’s Energy Storage System Solution Proposal.

Bi-directional EV Chargers Sharing Energy on Demand
This solution proposal discusses the high universality of Delta’s EV charging solutions, including the DC Fast Charger, AC Chargers, and the Charging Station Management System. Delta’s V2H/V2G bidirectional chargers can connect with home appliances or electric power systems to enable EVs to store energy and share energy by discharging on demand. Delta’s has years of experience in the EV market and has launched related products such as automotive parts, charging piles, to charging management systems. These products, together with the energy storage system and energy management system, can be combined with a smart grid to share energy on demand.

Bi-directional EV Chargers Sharing Energy on Demand - Delta EV Charging Solution Proposal.

Building Automation System Integration to Enhance Energy Efficiency
This solution proposal explains Delta’s building automation solution and the IoT framework, which covers sensing, controlling, and management platform. This solution fully integrates facilities such as lighting, air conditioning, and security monitoring, creating smart buildings for homes and offices. Delta has worked in this market for years, and quality companies, such as LOYTEC, Delta Controls, and VIVOTEK, with their well-developed technologies and comprehensive sales channels, have joined Delta Group. This has allowed Delta to acquire key fundamental automation technologies for integrating air conditioning, lighting controls, and security monitoring systems. Together with its own practical experience in green buildings and monitoring energy consumption, Delta is further laying a solid foundation for expanding smart building solutions. 

Building Automation System Integration to Enhance Energy Efficiency - Proposal for Delta Building Automation Solutions.

With the success of its animated video on Smart Manufacturing in 2017, the Brand Management Office launched an animated video about Energy Infrastructure in 2018. This video used 3D modeling to communicate Delta’s advanced technologies for optimal applications in power generation, power transmission, power distribution, and energy storage. It will be used for promotion in future business visits or expos. 

Screenshot from the Energy Infrastructure Video.

To strengthen its online marketing, Delta has set “互聯生智” (IoT-based Smart Green Solutions in Chinese) as a keyword and hash-tagged the phrase for subsequent social media promotion and enhancing Delta’s brand image. The Brand Management Office is also working with the legal department to register this slogan as a trademark in China and Taiwan. From this year on, the Brand Management Office will be focusing on key business campaigns, such as for EV and power electronics. More information will be available soon.