Text by: Delta Pingjhen Plant

Chaman, Hsiao/ Sales Executive of EVSBG-TIBU

I joined Delta in 2017, when EVSBG-TIBU was still in the early stage of its establishment. I had never been in such a driven team and a diverse workplace before. My colleagues come from different countries or regions: Shanghai, India, the United States, Thailand, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan. Working as a project manager, I believe this is an exceptional environment, as the communication with my teammates is more challenging so that the sense of accomplishment is far higher whenever we achieve a goal. Our project is based on the traction inverter for electric vehicles, which is the core component, also known as the brain of a car. The high-voltage direct current from the battery is converted into three-phase AC drive motors to move the car. The project is complex because it offers something more than a single component. We must look at all project activities from a systematic perspective. In addition to devoting greater efforts into project management, I have to be in charge of the division of labor of each team. Fortunately, my engineering background enables me to be efficient in the task. It is not difficult for three people to reach a consensus, but it is not easy for three teams to agree with things unanimously and win. My team is always active, full of energy and quick to achieve any job. I like the feeling that everyone is making himself/herself work harder towards the common goal.

After moving to the Pingjhen Plant in December, my mood is expansive while working in the large office space surrounded by pleasant mountains and waters. Recently, the laboratories are also getting ready one after another so that the competitiveness of my unit will be greatly improved.

Although we spend a lot of time working with others in the workplace, it takes only oneself to enjoy leisure activities such as running, cycling and working out for fitness. My favorite activity is working out for fitness because it is rather convenient to make use of the equipment and space provided by the Company. I also like to cook healthy fitness meals for myself, such as boiled chicken and oil-free vegetables. Although it is prepared for growing muscles, the meals accidentally make my digestive system healthier as well. A stronger body will keep away a lot of sports injuries and make it easier to recover after running and cycling. During workout, we are required to complete every movement by feeling the interlocking effect of muscles, and matching with the rhythm of our breathing in order to achieve high efficiency. In addition to be physically strong, we can also strengthen our mentality. I was easily agitated when dealing with things in the past, but workout and exercise has made a significant improvement in my judgment and decision-making.
Even though working out is something personal, it unexpectedly drives the workout atmosphere within my unit. After getting off work, the number of colleagues whom exercise together, and discuss how to improve their movements and their purposes has increased every day. We have recently been working on our core muscles together. In the future, we also expect to grow stronger physically and mentally so that EVSBG will become the strongest prop of Delta.

Chaman (left) and friends at Moncoeur Wedding Hall in Taichung.

EVSBG team at PingZhen office.

Hogan, Chen / Engineer of EVSBG-TIBU

This is the ninth year since I became a member of Delta. I joined the team of electrical vehicle drive from the beginning. Later, due to the Company’s operational planning, the drive development was suspended in 2013. Afterwards, I was still involved in vehicle-related product development, such as motor drive for electric motorcycles and stackers, so that I continued to accumulate experiences and R&D capabilities. In 2017, in response to the changes in the industry and the needs of customers, the Company decided to resume the development of motor drives for electric vehicles. When hearing this news, I rejoined the EVSBG at the end of 2017 to continue my contribution to this field.

At present, the development of electric vehicle-related products in Taiwan is the responsibility of the EVSBG, and its core component, "motor drive", belongs to the scope of the TIBU. The current trend in the industry is system integration. The subsystems such as MCU, DCDC, Onboard Charger, APM and Motor are integrated and reduced to become a complete power system. Therefore, R&D is no longer the business of any single unit, and shall be integrated among various units to be able compete against international rivals. Besides coordinating functions of my unit with those of other units in normal time, it is necessary to communicate and collaborate with the teams in the United States, China, Thailand, and other regions.

In the past year at the TIBU, I have accumulated and strengthened my professional capability, language proficiency, practical experience, and communication and coordination ability due to the new challenges brought about by differences in environment and development projects. In addition, I have made friends with many good partners. We share common goals, assist each other in performing the work and exchange experiences and views in life.

My interest is riding a motorcycle. Riding a heavy motorcycle has been my dream since I was a child. The mechanical beauty and the sound of the growling engine have always been tugging at my heartstrings. Someone says that: "Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul." I like to ride my heavy motorcycle outdoors to feel the air and sunshine in the suburbs on holiday morning. When I ride, the beautiful mountains and forests of Taiwan pass me, effectively taking my stress away. I have even made friends with a group of like-minded heavy motorcycle fellows. We meet regularly to chat on motorcycles and about life in general. We all come from various walks of life so that we have different perspectives on social issues. Here I have to remind everyone that: "Ride fairly, not recklessly. Roads are for everyone, not yours to race." Observe the traffic rules and enjoy every ride in safety!

Hogan with CBR1000RR on Provincial Highway 3 - Hakka Romantic Avenue.