Delta once again hosted an official side event at COP24, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland, to discuss the role of distributed energy resources in advancing the energy transition of cities. As a leading company in energy-saving technology, Delta applies a distributed energy framework to energy storage systems, the energy efficiency of buildings, and EV charging to enhance the energy resilience of cities worldwide. Delta strives to support the latest IPCC target of net-zero emissions by 2055 in response to increasingly severe climate change.

Since the announcement of its organizational adjustment in 2016, Delta has been creating integrated applications based on power electronics, with key businesses: automation and infrastructure, that conforms to the IoT architecture. This will allow Delta to get ahead in its transformation and take advantage of future market opportunities. In light of this, beginning this year, Brand News Bi-Monthly will open a new column named “IoT Smart Solutions,” which will cover Delta's IoT, energy-related product technologies and application trends. The current issue will start with an article on Delta’s corporate campaign “IoT-based smart green solutions,” which was established with the assistance of the Brand Management Office in 2018. The campaign is intended to help colleagues learn more about Delta’s IoT strategy and planning.

In this issue’s “Special Report”, we are pleased to receive the good news form BABG that Delta’s open architecture application for an IoT building management platform has successfully assisted the Science Research Center of Yili Group, the leading dairy business in Asia, to develop a cross-building and cross-system smart air conditioning control and management system. The system can support multiple communication protocols and networking technologies, and will benefit Yili greatly with 20% in savings on its construction costs.
In last year's "Brand People", we interviewed the heads of Delta business units: BABG, EISBG, and EVSBG, to help our colleagues learn more about Delta's development direction and strategic plans. This year we will broaden the scope to include the heads of Delta Group/Subsidiaries. In this issue, we have a special interview with Hans-Joerg Schweinzer, CEO of Delta's subsidiary LOYTEC, John Nicholls, President of Delta Controls (DCI), and Mr. Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK. They will share their views on business opportunities and prospects for building automation, and their experiences since joining Delta.

With a widely recognized record for promoting green buildings, Delta recently receives NEC Partner of the Year 2018 award in environmental category in Japan. Delta adheres to be the "green enterprise with sustainable development “and just won the honor of "Influential Enterprise of the Year" and "Admired Enterprise of the Year". Delta’s NT Series industrial grade UPS provides electricity security in Ngari Prefecture hospital in Tibet. Together with LOYTEC, DCI, and VIVOTEK, Delta not only showcased its building automation solutions at AHR and Japan Build 2018, but it also assisted the Taichung World Flora Exposition with excellent lighting technology for creating different lighting ambiences at the Blossom Pavilion. More coverage is provided in this issue’s “Brand Circle”.

This issue’s “Delta Green Life” will report on the negotiations outcome at the Climate Change Conference in Poland. Although a rulebook has been produced, it will still take each country a lot of effort to reach the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. In “People and Products”, EVSBG colleagues from Delta Pingjhen Plant share their passion, which you will not want to miss.

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