Interviews with VIVOTEK, Delta Controls, and LOYTEC managers

Text by: Brand Management Office

In 2018 “Brand People” interviewed Delta’s top managers in the fields of automation, infrastructure, and electric vehicles, to let our colleagues know more about our company's development direction and strategy deployment. In this first issue of 2019, “Brand People” features interviews with the heads of Delta’s subsidiaries in the field of building automation, including Mr. John Nicholls, President of Delta Controls (DCI), Mr. Hans-Joerg Schweinzer, CEO of LOYTEC, and Mr. Owen Chen, Chairman & CEO of VIVOTEK. We asked them to share their insights into the business opportunities and future prospects for building automation in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Building automation is a highly promising industry. It is in line with Delta's core capabilities and mission to focus on environmental protection and energy conservation. In 2016, Delta acquired Delta Controls, LOYTEC and VIVOTEK, building automation and security surveillance companies in Canada, Austria and Taiwan respectively. Delta is counting on these three new subsidiaries to enhance its global building automation road map with their niche positions, product and technology advantages, and synergies in the IoT field.

DCI emphasizes collaborative development to ensure its market competitiveness through leading technology
"With the development of IoT, customers' demand for building control is increasing day by day. DCI is deeply aware of the importance of technology integration. Since joining Delta Group in 2016, we have been taking Delta’s products and converting them into DCI intelligent controllers. This strategy adds a great deal of value to a Delta product, turning it from an autonomous machine into an integrated system component.” John Nicholls, president of DCI, mentioned that its products are used mainly in lighting, access control, air conditioning and other management areas of buildings. In addition to incorporating Delta's Variable Frequency Drives into building automation solutions, DCI has recently integrated Delta’s products such as IP cameras, UPS, projectors, EV chargers and energy storage systems with DCI’s building controller to create new business opportunities and applications, and expanding the range of its services in the market.
As for DCI’s future development, John believes that “maintaining DCI’s leading technology and market acumen is the best way to ensure its advantages.” On the technical side, the newly released O3 Sensor Hub, for example, combines machine learning with multiple sensors for sound, temperature, light, occupancy, and heat into one unit. It has the greatest advantages in areas of the world that love to combine access control, lighting and temperature control into an integrated solution such as in Europe, South America and certain parts of Asia. On the business side, in addition to teaming up with Delta to drive the synergy of product promotion and expansion, DCI has found that it is necessary to respond to rapidly changing market demands and embrace different business models to gain a foothold in the highly competitive building automation market.

LOYTEC takes the lead with its open platforms to gain opportunities for creating sophisticated applications
Today, the IoT architecture-based open building management platform is a mainstream trend, and LOYTEC is the technology leader in this field. Mr. Hans-Joerg Schweinzer, CEO of LOYTEC, said, "When LOYTEC was founded in 1999, its aim was to build a building automation solution that could integrate various open communication protocols." Since officially becoming a member of the Delta Group, LOYTEC has been combining Delta’s products with LOYTEC solutions to establish a cross-building, cross-system management platform. Introducing the platform into Delta's own buildings, such as the Delta EMEA and the Delta Americas Headquarters have achieved excellent results. For example, the Delta EV charging system has been integrated into the LOYTEC building management platform to visualize system operation status and energy flow. The building management system also obtains information through the integration of the VIVOTEK surveillance system or dynamically control the lighting systems to improve the efficiency of energy conservation.

Hans mentioned that, "For LOYTEC's development plan over the next few years, we will integrate various communication protocols to enable us to continuously expand the range of supporting building sensing devices by the building management system." The IoT is highly developed today and the application scenarios of various types for building control equipment are serially correlated. Lighting, air conditioning, energy consumption, and security control are closely related to each other. How to grasp trends, provide an open management platform, and meet the needs of users, are all key to the implementation of people-oriented environmental management.

Delta Controls President John Nicholls (first from right) and LOYTEC CEO Hans-Joerg Schweinzer (second from left) led their teams to present the latest IoT integrated Delta Building Automation Solutions at 2019 AHR Expo.

VIVOTEK encourages long-term partnerships to maximize the benefits of joint resources
"VIVOTEK had cooperated with more than 183 authorized distributors in 116 countries to establish a leading brand in the global IP surveillance industry before joining the big Delta family," said VIVOTEK’s Chairman & CEO Owen Chen. He believes that with the rising trends of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the "the Eye in IoT" and plans to deepen its integration with Delta and Delta Group’s subsidiaries in technology and business. Owen looks forward to elaborating synergies such as developing the Greater China business with Delta headquarters, going deep into the European market through LOYTEC, and collaborating with DCI to build the Americas market. Not only sharing information, but also shortening each other's learning curves has allowed all parties to achieve substantial and significant results in expanding market share.

Owen has clear plans and ideas for VIVOTEK’s future direction. He explained, "In response to Delta's transition from a provider of components, products, and systems, to comprehensive solutions, we can gain business opportunities only if we strengthen each other's technology and provide a one-stop service to the market." VIVOTEK's IP cameras now are seamlessly integrated with LOYTEC’s building control system for instant videos, and also supported by a video Plug-in Free function in DCI. During the process, it takes a lot of time and manpower to implement global communications and achieve technical integration. In addition, the integrated solutions were presented at each other’s booths at 17 international exhibitions last year, attracting new customers from different regions and providing more market information. They are looking forward to further cooperation in the near future.

VIVOTEK President Owen Chen says that continuing the development of AI video technology with add-on value is the key to standing firm in the IoT era.

The three subsidiaries have been deeply cultivating the market and expanding brand influence with their quality solutions
In terms of the market, the three subsidiaries originally played different roles in their professional fields. After joining Delta, they worked together to develop cooperation in R&D, product support, and business promotion. After more than two years of internal integration, they have been able to provide excellent solutions to customers, expand the market and their brand influence, and have won numerous building automation-related awards in China, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. In addition to sharing common resources for reducing costs, they also own joint-channels to increase the efficacy of their global marketing, and targeting different vertical markets such as office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, education, retail, transportation, and others to build brand recognition and awareness. They also plan to use social media in the future for conducting brand communication.

To keep pace with the times, the three subsidiaries have been working together to build Delta intelligent buildings
"Our prospect is to fill the world with Delta buildings in the future," said the three office heads with confidence. They uniformly agreed that they should cooperate fully with each other to jointly develop advanced building automation solutions based on IoT technology, and create synergies to develop sales channels. This will enable them to grasp more market opportunities for building and security control and create more interconnected intelligence applications, strengthening Delta's position in the building automation market.

Sharing and encouragement of supervisors

John: DCI has been part of the Delta organization for over two years. I have seen more and more Delta organizations starting to work together looking for synergies in sales, marketing, product development, and technology. We have been made to feel most welcome and have been wonderfully supported. We are building an innovation community at Delta!

Hans: As one of the founders of LOYTEC, I was in the CEO position from day one. My work life changed multiple times and it has become very different today compared to the early years. Nevertheless, I love what I am doing. I believe in the future and love to push things in the right direction. I love to work with and encourage people, which has not changed since we joined Delta.

Owen: VIVOTEK is entering its 19th year and still keeps its corporate mission consistent with Delta Group’s — pursuing continuous innovation and sustainable operation. “Opportunity favors the prepared mind”. We have to continue to improve our capabilities to step out of the comfort zone for more opening-up patterns and find our foothold in the IoT era.