Delta Automatic Nucleic Acid Test System wins the 15th National Innovation Award

Text by: DRC

Delta PreciGen Laboratories BD devoted to research and development of precision medicine. With the advanced knowledge and techniques from Delta Research Center, we developed this automatic nucleic acid test system. One of the advantages of this system is high sensitivity which offers immediate test and precise test for users. Moreover, it helps to simplify the test procedures and provides better medical service to doctors and patients. We are honored to win the most important award in Taiwan Bio-medical field and to have Chairman Yancey Hai attend the awarding ceremony.

Automatic Nucleic Acid Test System integrates nucleic acid test knowledge, microfluidic technology, feeble optical signal detection technology, thermal control technology and outstanding mechanical design. With our embedded instructional video, medical professionals can quickly learn how to operate this device. This sample-to-answer device can help medical professionals receive precise detection results of 23 pathogens/gene sequences within the time span of 50 to 90 minutes in a single run. This feature can fulfill what is required for disease control: timeliness and on-site diagnostics. This system can bring benefits for oncology, preventive health care and food safety fields.

Chairman Yancey Hai joined awarding ceremony. (Left: The Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry Chairman Mr. Jin-Pyng Wang